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All the technology available can't substitute the Human connection

Sometimes it is said that the world has become small and with technology you can contact anyone anytime.

At least in theory that is true. Particularly within your family it is true if you use social networking apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Hangouts, Viber, Skype, or BBM, etc you have a lot of possibilities to be in touch with your near and dear.

While you may use different apps for different groups of contacts - perhaps WhatsApp for friends, BBM for office colleagues, Hangouts or Skype or Viber for family - there will be times when despite all your technology you fail to reach some people at the right time.

Because all that depends on the device in your hands and the devices in the hands of your people.

One bad signal from the mobile network coverage puts a person out of reach. Then there are battery issues of the gadgets, weak WiFi reach, etc.

Another issue is the lack of knowledge of the people in managing the settings, optimization and a little common sense!

All these factors make the technology useless at times. Because the effective use of technology is always possible only through proper use of human brain!

But the technology has penetrated so deep into our lives that people are seen many times worried about number of likes or comments received on Facebook or Google+ or about the followers count on Twitter. This is bad.

At the end of all of this thinking, one thing that can be understood and agreed is that nothing beats the positive feeling you get when you have the chance to meet people personally in the real life, to spend your time with family and friends.

Your little daughter's or son's smile experienced directly is more worth than a million likes for a photo on Facebook.

A sincere compliment received from your close friend, a pat on your back by your father staying with you every day, have more worth than thousands of compliments received on Social networking sites.

Technology helps but only partially. It is like having something instead of nothing.

Because the Humans have the divine energy in them and when you are around with the people whom you like and who like you, you are experiencing that divine connection knowingly or unknowingly.

Technology minus Human connection is like having a beautiful artificial flower plant on your table sans fragrance!


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