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Loving Windows 10 Mobile for its great compatibility and Universal Apps despite the App-gap

I have been using Windows 10 on my Lumia smartphones for the last 6 months. I'm very much impressed with the hard work done by Microsoft. First Windows phone I used was with Windows 8 which was a bit different and difficult compared to Windows 8.1. However coming from Blackberry Curve 9300, it was a great welcome OS. The Windows 8.1 stole the show with very fluid, stylish and simple design.
Windows 10 mobile started off with lot of bugs and hits and misses, but that is how any development work happens. The difference is that Microsoft chose to provide these builds for public use if they join the 'Windows Insider' program.
I became an insider and have been enjoying Windows 10 since then. At first, after a few days of experiencing the builds I switched back to Windows 8.1 considering that I had only one Lumia then and I was using it for the office work. As the Windows Insider program states that those risks shall be 'understood' and the primary phone is not reco…
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My experiences with Lumia Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 OS by Microsoft

I'm completely satisfied even with the current situation and build performances of Windows 10. I have started using Windows phone since November 2013 and have experienced Windows phone 8 and 8.1 versions, and in this year with 10 preview builds.

Great improvement by Microsoft. I sincerely wish that Microsoft pushes well all the app publishers to make this platform a grand success not just from the robust OS point of view, but also from the apps point of view.

At the end, a triangular competition is better than a bipolar competition. Good for the companies and better for the customers!

And I say this after using Lumia phones and earlier Blackberrys and Nokias in my past 10 years.

I have used Lumia 625, Lumia 535, Lumia 435, Lumia 635 and Lumia 640 XL. I have sold 535 and 435 and 625 to buy 635 and 640 XL. :-)

More of my experiences and mindset as to why I love the Windows10 and in general the Windows Phones from Micrsosoft with Nokia DNA, in the following article:

Windows 10 M…

Zuari Cement, Italcementi, CTG and 11 years of experience

Few things in life are so evident and so attracted to our lives in hindsight! My association with M/s. Zuari Cement (the erstwhile Texmaco Cement) and with M/s. Italcementi Group has been a good example of one such unconscious connection since my childhood.

I'm generally a good observer of things and I've developed this skill over time that I learnt most of the things I use at my work place or at home looking and observing how many other people were doing better than me at that particular point of time.

I am particularly fond of looking at the logos and remembering the brand names since my childhood.

The old Texmaco logo of 'Ramaiah' mason (mestri as called in Telugu) with a spade in hand was the symbol of their cement factory. This advertisement and branding was so popular during the years of 1990s that whenever we used to travel to Yerraguntla from Proddatur for taking the 'Rayalaseema' express to Hyderabad.

Belief in your Potential leads to bigger Actions and greater Results

I happened to watch a video of Tony Robbins on Youtube in which he was explaining a seemingly simple but great concept. It was some sort of eye opener to many of us.
In that video some of Tony's friends who were already successful in their lives on their personal fronts come to seek the advice of Robbins owing to his expertise in understand human nature, psychology and success. So after listening to their concerns, Tony makes an awesome modeling of the situation in just 4 words.
This is so incredible considering the fact that many of us know these things but we don't realize the power behind this basic understanding and the correlation among them.
These are 4 things here and we need to understand how each of these things depends on the other and influences another.

All the technology available can't substitute the Human connection

Sometimes it is said that the world has become small and with technology you can contact anyone anytime.
At least in theory that is true. Particularly within your family it is true if you use social networking apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Hangouts, Viber, Skype, or BBM, etc you have a lot of possibilities to be in touch with your near and dear.
While you may use different apps for different groups of contacts - perhaps WhatsApp for friends, BBM for office colleagues, Hangouts or Skype or Viber for family - there will be times when despite all your technology you fail to reach some people at the right time.
Because all that depends on the device in your hands and the devices in the hands of your people.
One bad signal from the mobile network coverage puts a person out of reach. Then there are battery issues of the gadgets, weak WiFi reach, etc.

New Year Resolution Meditation

Knowing things is different from doing things. I have known the importance of mediation and had been doing meditation occasionally in the past years.

This year, I made up my mind to make this my one of the most important resolutions. This shall be listed in my daily journal under my commitments on my timeline. This is a habitual goal I need to achieve.

Oh My God - Bollywood movie with a True message

I watched Bollywood movie "Oh My God" few days ago on Youtube (hope that was the official channel). It was excellent!

Maybe some orthodox people think that it was blasphemy. But as far as I know blasphemy concept doesn't exist in Hindu philosophy and I'm very happy about it.

At no point of time in the movie, the belief on God was questioned! The blind belief and meaningless customs and traditions were questioned!

I have watched this movie and laughed wholeheartedly at various scenes! Maybe the people with blind beliefs on God might have got hurt very badly! It is their problem.