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After Creative Inspire 5.1 subwoofer system, it is Trust Tytan 2.1

Music is one of the simple and great pleasures of life! I'm not into the lyrics which speak too high of love and "I die for you" kind, as I'm a spiritually well educated, if not experienced, person and I have a natural tendency to understand the depth of this material world, which in Sanskrit is aptly called 'Samsara'.

However though music is a part of that Samsara, my concentration while listening to music is mostly on the instruments' sounds and the subtle sounds which can be particularly listened with a subwoofer speaker system.

And I'm also not in the category of fans for whom something is more appealing which makes no difference between a shockwave, explosion or that 'death metal' kind of rock genre.

I'm into that kind of 'mood uplifting' fastbeats, rythmic 'soft rock' kind of music and some melodies with heavy instrumental music which let me enjoy my listening time to the fullest.

By saying this, I'm not in any way ridiculing or making fun of those great singers and lyricists who are masters in their own right.

But when I chose a music system and spend money on it, I'm not really concerned about the artist's voice, as the voice frequencies of humans fall well within the normal range of something lower than 1 kHz to 3 kHz (kilo hertz, the unit of frequency related to sound) and even the stupid speaker of 1920s will play that frequency efficiently.

All these lines are said only to drive the point home that the music lovers of my kind are a little beyond the normal listener and they need better understanding of the 'sound' in particular. :-)

Again, there are many experts better than me out there in the world from whom I learn the things, and for this reason, for my money and budget, I just wanted a new 2.1 subwoofer system for my Toshiba laptop and Nokia Lumia 625 smartphone, and I found this particular review useful for zeroing in on the best economical subwoofer system available in the form of Trust Tytan 2.1.

Its review can be read at:


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