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VIMP - a one week course and an important turning point in my life

We are all blessed for so many things that we have in our lives or for the events that have happened in our lives.

One of the turning points of my life was my enrollment in the personality development coaching that was, and is, being conducted by Mr. Vijaya Kumar Epparala, the founder of VIMP, at Kadapa.

The introduction to VIMP itself was very special. There was my engineering professor Mr. Janardhana Raju who took an extra hour on some evening back in 2002 for explaining to us about VIMP as a short but very great course for personality development and learning memory techniques.

In fact VIMP stands for Vijaya Kumar's Institute of Mega memory and Personality development.

Listening to my professor's speech on this matter and to his subsequent recommendation, some of my collegemates have joined the course but at the first attempt I was unable to convince my father to spend the money needed for a 1 week course. He had his own valid reasons and we were 3 brothers in line doing our higher studies. He came up in his life through his sheer hard work, grit and determination for which he knows how to value his money.

But it was my professor's trust in me and his persuasion (he even offered me to take money from him!) that I finally got the conviction to join this course. I almost demanded my father that either he should give me money or I would take it from my professor. My father understood my mindset and he accepted this time.

Finally, I joined the course, and the first words, Mr. Vijay Kumar said were to "stop judging" the points he was explaining to us and "open up" to receive all the new insights he was going to explain to us. And some of us did just that.

I was happy for spending my time in the most useful way and that course really gave an impetus to start dreaming big, explore new areas of life, start believing that I'm no lesser than anybody in terms of personality, character and mindset, provided I understood the basic concepts of leadership properly.

Now, reflecting on my past and my association with VIMP, I can guarantee that whoever had whole heartedly listened and followed the valuable suggestions provided by Mr. Vijay Kumar had really shifted their mental planes to a higher level. These few people are high on confidence, values and they find that the other peers and friends around them notice the 'difference'.

I, for one, feel proud of my choice for joining in VIMP and for having got the mental preparation and psychological advantage to face any situation, move on with any kind of colleague, of any culture, and feel happy about being positive just for the sake of being good and helpful to others.


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