Belief in your Potential leads to bigger Actions and greater Results

I happened to watch a video of Tony Robbins on Youtube in which he was explaining a seemingly simple but great concept. It was some sort of eye opener to many of us.

In that video some of Tony's friends who were already successful in their lives on their personal fronts come to seek the advice of Robbins owing to his expertise in understand human nature, psychology and success. So after listening to their concerns, Tony makes an awesome modeling of the situation in just 4 words.

This is so incredible considering the fact that many of us know these things but we don't realize the power behind this basic understanding and the correlation among them.

These are 4 things here and we need to understand how each of these things depends on the other and influences another.


How do they link with each other?

We have BELIEF that makes us use our POTENTIAL, then certain level of ACTION is taken and we get RESULT for that. And the result impacts the belief either in a positive way or in a negative way.

Belief influences the Potential that influences the Action and that affects the Results. And the results impact the belief.

So the BIGGER the belief, the higher is the potential realized, the stronger is the action taken and the better are the results obtained. And the better results impact your belief positively.

Similarly the SMALLER the belief, the lower is the potential realized, the weaker is the action taken and the inferior are the results obtained. And the inferior results impact your belief negatively.

We all have certain amount of belief about ourselves and that depends on our past experiences and willpower. However it can be nurtured through constant practice and proper visualization.

So some philosophical thinking, practice of meditation, eating right food, some exercise all contribute to your wellbeing and a healthy state of mind with which you'll have greater 'self belief' and this 'cycle' of success continues!