My experiences with Lumia Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 OS by Microsoft

I'm completely satisfied even with the current situation and build performances of Windows 10. I have started using Windows phone since November 2013 and have experienced Windows phone 8 and 8.1 versions, and in this year with 10 preview builds.

Great improvement by Microsoft. I sincerely wish that Microsoft pushes well all the app publishers to make this platform a grand success not just from the robust OS point of view, but also from the apps point of view.

At the end, a triangular competition is better than a bipolar competition. Good for the companies and better for the customers!

And I say this after using Lumia phones and earlier Blackberrys and Nokias in my past 10 years.

I have used Lumia 625, Lumia 535, Lumia 435, Lumia 635 and Lumia 640 XL. I have sold 535 and 435 and 625 to buy 635 and 640 XL. :-)

More of my experiences and mindset as to why I love the Windows10 and in general the Windows Phones from Micrsosoft with Nokia DNA, in the following article:

Windows 10 Mobile OS is great for its compatibility