Oh My God - Bollywood movie with a True message

I watched Bollywood movie "Oh My God" few days ago on Youtube (hope that was the official channel). It was excellent!

Maybe some orthodox people think that it was blasphemy. But as far as I know blasphemy concept doesn't exist in Hindu philosophy and I'm very happy about it.

At no point of time in the movie, the belief on God was questioned! The blind belief and meaningless customs and traditions were questioned!

I have watched this movie and laughed wholeheartedly at various scenes! Maybe the people with blind beliefs on God might have got hurt very badly! It is their problem.

Paresh Rawal was excellent in his role as the trader who makes business of selling articles, idols of God which are used by the people with sentiments.

Akshay Kumar, as Lord Krishna coming in the modern avatar with a laptop, dressed in suit and riding an advanced bike, was also excellent in his role.

The arguments in the court, the publicity through TV, etc are all very nice in the storyline.

Hope this movie has become an eye-opener for many and they start 'using' their brains instead of 'carrying' their brains!

To sum up, the real spiritual people don't find any fault with this movie, the fools and blind believers may speak bad about this movie.

Knowing that this movie is currently under 'remake' production by Tollywood stars Pawan Kalyan and Venkatesh, I would be very eager to watch it when I go to India next time!


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