Safety review an important job in Engineering Management

Last week has gone by very fast, there were some long tiring days with meetings, some commitments, some new issues which came up and were unexpected, but it gives satisfaction when few things important are achieved for the sake of the  company, its operating personnel working somewhere else.

Safety review with our HSE team was an important job done by our team to ensure that some operating personnel, somewhere working in a different country where our group operates, will work in a safe environment and to the extent possible don't make avoidable mistakes while working.

As I learnt when I was a young engineer in the maintenance field, accidents often have some of the reasons below:

1. Unsafe Condition

2. Unsafe Act

3. Both unsafe condition and unsafe act.

As a part of the engineering management team, my job is to ensure a better plant layout abiding by the rules and regulations in force as well as to ensure safe operating conditions which means to ensure that no unsafe condition exists in an industrial plant.