Who am I to be a Blogger and own a Blog or Website?

When I first came to know about blogging in 2006, I wondered if it is anything of worth keeping and maintaining a blog. Who reads it? Why should they read it? Do I have anything to share with this world?

Now I can say the answer to the questions above with enough confidence that "yes", it is worth having and updating a blog. At any moment in this world, there are many who want an advice from the experienced people and so every one of us will have something to share with millions of others in this world.

Though I haven't maintained any blog so far which acted like my personal journal, I had experienced blogging, I wrote on other websites just as a volunteer without any monetary reward. But that is the main thing I have learnt. There is more joy in giving rather than in taking.

Though there is nothing wrong in thinking about having a blog and blogging for money, it is more important to have the mindset of serving others or helping others.

If you are a person who visited my blog with this doubt, just take my advice. If you are a nice person who would like to do something good for this world, and you have genuine experience which can help someone out there in the world, just do it.